P.P.H. MODUL’s production caters for individual customer requirements.
P.P.H. MODUL’s highly qualified and efficient personnel offer:
  • In the construction division – working together with the customer to find the best solutions and specify product requirements. All project work is done by qualified engineers using the AUTOCAD programme.
  • P.P.H. MODUL’s production primarily focuses on high-quality ensured by the company’s experience, and complying with all international technical standards, such as ILO and SOLAS, in line with the requirements of the main classification associations, such as LR, GL, DNV, BV, PRS, SBG and many more.
  • Competitive prices have been achieved by substantially increasing capacity over the last thirteen years.
All materials and equipment used in P.P.H. MODUL to manufacture cabins are of the highest quality. In addition, all products undergo strict quality checks and tests, thereby eliminating customer complaints.

In 1991, initial contracts were concluded for the supply of sanitary cabins for a series of construction ships in the shipyards Appledore Ltd in England and Burmeister & Wain in Denmark.

At present, P.P.H. MODUL offers a wide range of fully equipped and ready-to-use cabins manufactured to customer requirements. These cabins are suitable for all types of ships, drilling platforms and utility buildings, such as hotels, schools, hospitals, etc.

A few photos of our work are shown below:

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