Producer of sanitary wet cabins and its equipment


Sanitary wet cabins

We manufacture sanitary wet cabins made of zinc coated carbon steel, stainless steel, as well as made of aluminium or as GRP. We apply technologies which allow us to connect different kind of above mentioned materials, like:GRP base tray and aluminium walls.


For over 25 years we deliver our goods to ship and offshore industries and construction business.


Our products comply with requirements of international quality standards valid for maritime industry and civil engineering.


We perceive flexibility in three dimensions: as regard as design, quantity and delivery times.


Customer orientation


Quality of products

On time delivery

  • we prepare detailed quotation, based on customer specification
  • we propose and recommend alternative solutions and equipment
  • we keep in touch with customer since first contact up to the end of project execution and delivery.
  • we continuously develop our products,
  • solutions we implement in our goods were prooved in many years of practice
  • we suggest optimal solutions taking into account customer needs
  • whole manufacturing process is supervised by skilled and experrienced staff
  • the best indicator of our products quality is their durability and trouble-free operation
  • thanks to the efficient planning we are able to offer short lead times and quarantee their timeliness
  • for each project we develop and control time schedule
  • our OTD amounts to 95%

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About Us

P.P.H. MODUL Sp. z o.o is a private Polish manufacturer of high-quality sanitary cabins for all types of ships and drilling platforms and for civil engineering at competitive prices.

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