PPH MODUL Sp. z o.o.

Grunwaldzka 74 Street,

PL 14-100 Ostróda


+48 89 646 30 77




P.P.H. MODUL Sp. z o.o is the Polish production company, which manufactures high-quality sanitary cabins for all types of ships, offshore platforms and for civil engineering.
P.P.H. MODUL was established in 1991. Company posseses four production halls and warehouse in total space of 4100 sqm. It's placed on the plot of over 10,000 sqm, located in Ostróda about 130 km from Gdańsk via S7 highway.

In 1991, comapany was awarded by the first purchase orders for the delivery of wet cabins for Appledore Ltd shipyard from England and for Burmeister&Wain from Dannemark.

Novadays MODUL offers wide range of fully equipped wet units made according to the customer specification. Wet units are applicable for each type of ships, offshore platforms or in buildings, like: schools, hotel, hospitals and others.

About Us

P.P.H. MODUL Sp. z o.o is a private Polish manufacturer of high-quality sanitary cabins for all types of ships and drilling platforms and for civil engineering at competitive prices.

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